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More than a hobby but in a manner, a way of life, travelling is an infinite support of ideas for the landscape designer. Rare are the places in the world where humans have not landscaped their environment. Sometimes it is a pleasure to the eye, sometimes it can be beneficial for nature and biodiversity. Other times, it can be inappropriate, vulgar or even dramatic. However, there is always something to look at, to analyze, to criticize, and finally to learn from the scultping of our environment.

Beyond the architectural ideas that I borrow here and there, the landscapes I cross, the plants I discover, the people I meet, I like to believe that travelling helps me to improve, to keep a sharp curiosity and an open mind. Here you will find pictures of landscapes, gardens, architectural elements, plants, and various other things that have given me inspiration or ideas during some travels.

Most of the pictures have been taken during one of these travels :
Saint James' Way by foot, from Nantes, France to Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 1 800 km, 2 months, 2008
Nantes, France, to Krakow, Poland, by foot and hitch-hiking, 3 100 km, 3 months, 2011-2012
Krakow, Poland to Istanbul, Turkey, by bicycle, 3 200 km, 3 months, 2013
Istanbul, Turkey to Dubai, UAE, through Iran, by bicycle, car and bus, 5 000 km, 2 months, 2014

Bon voyage!

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