Landscape design & hydraulic engineering for private individuals and professionals

Private individuals Professionals

Park and garden design in full or partial assignment

Diagnosis and inventory: site visit, floristic survey, interview, needs and expectations defining
Sketch: principles, sought atmospheres, dominant colors, plants, with plans, cross-sections, views...
Project : detailed definition of the project with plans, cross-sections and technical descriptions
Tendering process and choice of the best company to complete the work
Work Supervision
Monitoring of the garden over the long term
Plants advices

Water engineering

Stormwater and wastewater management : network, ecological treatment, harvesting, drainage, infiltration
Irrigation network
Ponds, basins and channels engineering

Private individuals Professionals

Landscape design and studies

Attorney, co-contracting, subcontracting, and all partnerships
Diagnosis, sketch, preliminary design, final design, tender documents, work supervision
Landscape analysis and studies
Maps, views, and graphic design

Urban hydrology : engineering, consulting and communication

Integrated stormwater management
Flood protection
Rainwater harvesting
Hydraulic modeling
Water legislation (in France)

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